Best the 7 pillars of healthy living

Best the 7 pillars of healthy living

As I like to have a global view of the topics I'm talking about, "healthy living" is no exception. Indeed, it is useless to have a segmented vision of a subject because it does not allow to see all the reality of it.
For example, there is no point in concentrating solely on seduction techniques to start looking for a girl. If we are shy, we must consider the whole thing. We need to look at why we consider ourselves shy, how to change this belief, how to gain self-esteem, how to grow one's social circle, how to increase one's charism, and why not seduction techniques. But they are only a tiny part of the equation. That's why I'm going to focus on the 5 pillars, I believe, of a healthy life.

Best the 7 pillars of healthy living

1. Food

We start strong with the pillar which for me is the most important (and you will discover why): feeding! Especially that you can quickly do anything when you do not know what to eat.

We can sleep extremely well, have quality relationships, do sports, it will not do it; it will destroy our health and energy. It will be tough otherwise to have a correct physical hygiene!

Would you like to put some olive oil in your car to drive? Of course not! So why do you put sodas and hamburgers in your body? This clogs it and prevents it from working correctly!

Let us keep in mind that according to our way of nourishing ourselves and our internal dialogue, we send an unyielding message to our unconscious. When we consume junk food, the message sent to our unconscious is: "I do not care about my health, I mistreat my body. "

Conversely, if we opt for a healthy diet, we send the following message to our unconscious: "I take care of my body and my health, I love myself. "

This is why the only change in our diet also allows us to gain self-esteem. We can not hope to have a healthy life without changing our diet. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Novak Djokovic or the Obama, to name but a few, take great care of their lifestyle and in particular, they are (As well as physical activity, we will come back to this).

When you eat a healthy diet, you get as many micronutrients as you need to function.

If IKEA furniture is built, it is better to have all the pieces to fit the furniture, and it's the same with our body!

So what do we change in our diet?

Concretely, if we follow the paleo model (which I consider the most suitable for a majority of people), the following things are modified:

Suppression of industrial products: prepared meals, low-end restaurants, fried foods, processed products (with a list of ingredients to extend), biscuits, fast food, etc.
Removal of dairy products: UHT milk, fresh cream, white cheese ... Except, if desired and tolerated, cheese and butter (raw milk) from grass-fed animals, preferably by selecting Rather goat and sheep rather than the cow.
Suppression of cereal products: bread, pasta, brioches, sandwich bread, wheat, barley, rye, spelled. Except, if desired and tolerated, basmati (rice of Camargue) rice, oats, quinoa. Note: buckwheat is not cereal and can, therefore, be consumed since it does not have the disadvantages of grains.
Deletion of legumes, especially soy, except in the case of fermented soybeans (which can be eaten for its benefits): tempeh, miso soup, tamari.
Roughly speaking, the changes that can be made, towards an "ideal" (which I put in quotation marks because there is no universal ideal, each has different needs). In any case, removing these products and concentrating on fresh, raw, seasonal and organic products is necessarily a good solution.

When I talk about natural products, it's vegetables, fruits, seaweeds, herbs, fish, meat and eggs, oilseeds, and if you like, add vegetable oils, cocoa, Spices ... which can be a little transformed.

In short, I encourage you to consume to the maximum everything that is raw, not transformed by man.

2. Physical Activity

The second pillar, and not the least, is physical activity. This is evident, and yet the sedentary rate is enormous. We witness, with the explosive cocktail of junk food and sedentary lifestyle, a dazzling rise in obesity and all the problems that ensue.

If you are on this site, it is because you are already interested in your health and it has the merit of being stressed, so bravo! Now, if you do not play sports, you will have to think about it, and no excuse for the time.

Everyone has time to take 10 minutes to make skipping rope or any fractional job (race, kettlebell.

If you are intelligent, you understand where I am coming from.

If you run out of time to take care of your health, here are several possibilities: throw your television, sort through your life (relationships, objects, get up early, learn to manage your time, delegate tasks, Delete tasks.
If you do not manage to release 2 hours a day, you are in bad faith

Do not be afraid to stop seeing some people around you, the human being is in perpetual evolution, and it is okay to change environment little by little, especially when you are in a progression approach like a large Readers of this site.

I conceive the sport also in the palace vision of which I spoke of the food.

What is Paleo Sport? For me, it is only using his body the way it is designed. To be extremely versatile: run, jump, swim, push, pull, bend, climb, hang (by hands!), Crouch, crawl.

If you do all this, you are doing everything for which your body is physically programmed. The back pain is the prerogative of the modern man who remains the screwed on a chair for 8 hours.

3. Healthy social relationships

Having toxic relationships with people who poison us stimulates cortisol, a stress hormone, which causes fat storage, permanent stress, insomnia. Excess cortisol is a real poison, and it is the element that characterizes our Modern lifestyle of stressed.

This is the reason why I chose to have a Paleo lifestyle, a way of life completely different from the average people (since the average person is overweight and in poor health).

It is important to sort out our relationships because as a human being we evolve and it is only natural that most of our dating will change as we age. The people with whom we were dragging in their teens do not necessarily correspond to our way of thinking today.

Then sorting is not the only thing to do. The relationship you have with people is like a wood fire: it must be maintained to prevent it from dying out. It is therefore essential to bring logs in all your relationships to support your network, including People you know little!

The power of your network depends on people you know little; you need to sympathize more and more with these people and take on their news.

Develop active listening: Listen more than you speak. Be really interested in what your interlocutor tells you. Do not try to answer to talk about you, to outbid or to be right; it is the prerogative of the proud, those who want to show that they have the biggest (except keep in mind that it is the small dogs that Noise, big ones are much quieter.

Developing your communicator skills is the best skill you can develop to have healthy relationships with your surroundings.

You may not know it, but most people communicate extremely poorly: they criticize, feel guilty, want to be right, overbid, talk about them and do not listen. I actually see it on a daily basis; I meet many people besides people who develop and who have some control over communication, others do not listen.

Develop this quality, and you will stand out widely, you will encounter much less conflict so that you will have less stress, you will have much more harmonious relationships, and you will be happier and healthier! It's worth it, is not it?

One last thing: when a dispute arises, do not try to be right or to contradict, accept your faults, it is the best way to defuse the conflict.

Even if you are right, be the smartest and admit your wrongs to bring down the sauce, you will soon see that this is the most useful strategy, and this shows a great strength of character. You have to be humble to accept what the other is reproaching us for, but you have everything to gain!

4. Nature

There is a tendency to underestimate nature, which can be considered a vitamin as it is important. Nature is our natural environment, and not understanding this assures to endanger its health in the long run.

It's like sport or food: a palace diet and an adapted sport are not good for health per se, it's junk food and sedentary lifestyle that are appalling for us. What difference does it make?

In practice, there is no difference, but I make the distinction for understanding the thing. A human typically works with these seven pillars that I present in this article. A proper diet makes us function properly, and it's the same for physical activity and nature.

It is as soon as one no longer fulfills these vital needs for the body that the problems arrive. It is for this reason that I say that it is not "good" in itself, it is simply that it is the standard functioning of the human being to live this.

In fact, nature has tremendous benefits in our stressed and polluted world: it reduces stress and anxiety, improves creativity, attention, and productivity, is excellent for ocular health, lung health, For mental and mental health and for health in general. Exposing ourselves regularly to nature is a great way to increase our longevity.

To do this, there are many possibilities: I invite you to go more often near a lake, a beach, a forest, the countryside ... If you live in a big city, there are Chances are there are parks: go there regularly to take the time to unwind, read, meditate, listen to audios or only walk with all the senses awake.

Make a detour to go to work, avoid the metro or the car and go through a green corner, even if you have to lengthen your travel time. Make yourself weekends in nature, in a place far from any civilization, in the mountains, in the countryside, in the forest, in the Savannah, in the Amazonian jungle. There is only the embarrassment of the Choice!

Also, take the time to lie outside a city and observe a beautiful summer sky cleared with the multitude of stars and the Milky Way, it is incredibly soothing, and it reconnects to our dark nature.

Best the 7 pillars of healthy living

5. The Game

The game, pillar of a healthy life? At this point, you have to say to yourself "Ok Fabien, nature passes, but here play, you do not care about us ?! "

Well, not! Gambling is a highly important pillar of healthy living.

Why ? Because one lives in a society of serious people, serious all the time, jaded, boring, dull, boring, a society so taboo that everything is taboo: laughing without reason, making faces, running everywhere. If you do Of these behaviors, you are cataloged as mad, and you are sent the direct psychiatrist for you to prescribe some medicines to calm you and make money to big pharma.

I insist the game is really an essential pillar of healthy living. I mean gambling as a whole, in a broad sense, that is, seeing life like a match, because in any case, life is just that: a game.

As the quote says:

"Do not take life seriously, any way you will not come out alive. »Bernard Fontenelle

For me, to see life as a game is to use humor by making jokes, to play words, to sing in the shower, to make a clown, to make faces in the Mirror, meow, jump everywhere, scream and even laugh without reason.

Dr. Christian Tal Schaller speaks of "mad madness" for this kind of behavior, that is, a controlled madness that does no harm to oneself or others and that does well for all points of view.

All of the behaviors described above help to free up the buried (and therefore unreleased) emotions that remain in your body and root it from within (as if you never pulled out garbage cans).

And a feeling that does not come out, repeated every day for 40 years, is cancer or the other main health problem (heart attack, stroke. The emotions that are not expressed are extremely damaging to health, and they can cut the voice, give a ball to the stomach, cause hair loss, have psoriasis outbreaks ... And that just in the short term. In the long run, there is a significant risk of a serious illness.

For me, the importance of emotions is even stronger than diet on health.

So be serious when you have to, but in private or with friends who see life the same way you do, let go! Go and see in the Parisian metro, you will see the number of people blasé by the life that gives the impression of going to the abattoir. Do you really want to look like that? Is it sexy to make the mouth and always be serious?

An alpha man can take life derisively, just see Arnold Schwarzenegger understand what it is!

I do not say to behave like an asshole all the time, to be a child and to be capricious, that is not my speech.

Naturally, I want to open your eyes to the fact that modern society enslaves us by putting physical and mental barriers on us, so less and fewer people get into the habit of smiling people on the street, making faces Alone, jump everywhere, dance or laugh without reason.

To all those people who take life too seriously, I want to tell them, "What are you doing? Fuck a blow and see a comic movie! "

It does not cost more to see life on the right side, to see life as a game without taking the lead. And with the key, there is a radiant health, because expelling its emotions by grimaces, animal sounds or cries is extremely useful! Really. On the other hand, not to do in public, unless you want to finish at the asylum.

We live in a society where it is forbidden for an adult to have fun, to make the child.

The children are so reprimanded that they calm themselves very quickly by advancing in age and end up blasés like 97% of their congeners.

So on which side do you want to be?

6. Minimalism

Minimalism is a pillar that I really adore; it's a revolution when you start applying it in your life. Minimalism is not new; it is practiced for example. Minimalism is the art of voluntary simplicity, in other words, "Less is more. "It's all about simplifying your life, and you get a lot of benefits from living like that.

Minimalism can be practiced in every area of life. We can start sorting at home by throwing or giving away all the objects that have not served us for a while, dragging and taking dust, which is double or triple.

A few months ago, I scarcely touched a car, the result of which was a subtle scratch on the bumper barely visible to the naked eye. The driver wanted to make a statement and spoiled his whole evening by rehearsing this story. I could also be upset or sad, but seriously, it is a car, a simple vehicle that allows me to go from point A to point B. I have other things to do In my life than to worry about because there is a scratch on the object that I lead!

This simple story makes it possible to understand how people attach to their objects and think that it will make them happy to have more and more.

Accumulating ever more material goods does not make you happier, I even think it is the opposite. With few possessions, one feels so much more free and so much more flexible!

It is in this context that minimalism takes on its full meaning.
Minimalism also refers to food: there is no need to have five stores, five pots and cupboards full to bursting.
We are in a period of abundance, of course, but there is no point in making provisions for six months or having the equipment to serve 20 people, it will never happen or almost.

Simplify your life, do housework.

If I talk about it in an article related to healthy living, it is because minimalism actually allows the heart to be lighter and live much less stress.

Practicing minimalism means choosing to buy fewer things but things of better quality (clothes, appliances, food.

It also prefers books to TV, knowing how to satisfy the simple pleasures of life: reading a good book, watching the stars, bathing, looking at a sunset, taking a walk in nature, enjoying social interaction ...

You will understand, this can concern all the areas of your life: possessions, relations, information, food, cosmetics.

A small bracket on cosmetics: rather than buying dozens of creams, shower gels, deodorants ... Do them yourself!

It's easy, fast, cheap, more efficient, you master the composition, you have that satisfaction of having done it yourself, and especially you have much fewer products.

Now ask yourself the question: "What is the smallest action I can do and that will simplify my life to the maximum? "

This can be: give your TV, throw a whole bunch of possessions, watch the phone only in the evening, empty the cupboards of the kitchen and the fridge ...

Tell me what you decide to do!

7. Sleep

The last pillar of a healthy life is troubled sleep. Why unhappy?

Because it is flouted in our modern society. It is not respected at all!

We go to bed too late, with a permanent exposure to highlight at night, we put a loud alarm clock at bad times. No wonder most people live like zombies when they flout what is supposed to put them back on their feet!

Take care of your sleep: identify your sleep cycles, use blue light filters on computer and phone (f.lux application), stop screens 2 hours before sleeping, wake up to the schedules that are consistent for you and you Will have an Olympic form just by doing that.

You do not necessarily need to sleep 8 hours; it's a myth.

In general, the sleep cycles last 90 minutes; therefore you can decide to bad 6 hours, 7:30.

If you take naps after eating and know how to manage your stress, emotions, sports and eating light enough at night and away from bedtime, you will need much less sleep!

Invest in good bedding, sleep completely in the dark, meditate before sleeping then read a good book and let yourself embark by Morphée.

You can optionally use Sleep Cycle Sleep Applications.

Best the 7 pillars of healthy living
You now have many tips that will make a big difference in your life if you install it. Hopefully, our article helps you and if our article is very helpful please share it with your friends or share it on your social media. And do not forget to subscribe to our article. thank you