You must know Fun facts about physical therapy

You must know Fun facts about physical therapy

You must know Fun facts about physical therapy
Talk about physical therapy is endless from therapy A to Z which is all about therapy. And we always want to give the best thing about therapy in our way and the way we have tested it.

Do you know?:

Physical therapy as a profession actually began in World War I in response to the needs created when our soldiers were wounded in the war.

The first physical therapist during World War I was actually called "reconstruction helper".

Poliomyelitis was rampant during the 1920s and 30s and physical therapists became one of the main groups that treated these patients thus bringing this profession further to the surface. Responding to this physical therapist decided to form a professional organization and called the American Women's Physical Therapeutic Association.

The field of physical therapy was originally the dominant profession of women and the first president of the American Physical Therapy Association was Mary McMillan.

When World War II took place, due to advances in science and technology, wounded soldiers survived and their musculoskeletal injuries were handled by physical therapists. As the 1930s ended his profession was renamed from the American Women's Physical Therapy Association to the American Physiotherapy Association.

In the late 1940s, professional organizations representing physical therapists were once again renamed the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) which is still our representative body to date.

As health care continues and advanced physical therapy is finally recognized as a profession that goes beyond the care of wounded soldiers and now physical therapists specialize in everything from neurology, sports medicine, cardiopulmonary, orthopedics, children, women's health, vestibular, and geriatrics. To name a few.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s as the demand for physical therapy increased and schools were unable to change physical therapists quickly enough, physical therapy assistants rolled out the birth. The therapist has taken advantage of the aid but needs help from someone with a more technical background in the way physical therapy and thus the profession progresses. Physical therapy assistants help the physical therapist in patient care but do not perform evaluation techniques.

When physical therapy is initially recognized as a profession, a person needs a bachelor's degree to practice. In the 1990s the program turned to the Master of Science degree and now in the 21st century this profession has advanced again and is now at the doctoral level. To be a physical therapy assistant, an associate degree is required.

According to the Physical Therapy Education Accreditation Commission currently, there are 228 accredited physical therapy programs and 333 accredited physical therapy assistant programs.

Today's profession has been integrated with men and women who provide physical therapy services to meet your muscle and movement needs with the goal of minimizing dysfunction and impairment.

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You must know Fun facts about physical therapy
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