10 Weight loss fruits

Weight loss fruits

Weight loss fruits

 Weight loss fruits, One of the keys to losing weight is to consume fruits. Not only can be a substitute for the usual food you consume, fruits are also packed with various vitamins and minerals that play an important role in weight loss. In this article will discuss various types of fruits to lose weight.

 Use some fruit to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables are an important point of reference for those of you who want to lose weight. Some, more than others, are more likely to get rid of that pound as well, which can be very annoying. What fruit should we put in our diet to lose weight? Let's find out together.

 How to Lose a good weight is to reduce the intake of calories without having to feel hungry. Some types of fruit less ideal when used as a complementary food to help lose weight because it contains a fairly high sugar. Even so, fruits contain a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to your health, and in this case, can help you in undergoing weight loss program.

 Here is a variety of good fruit to lose weight:


 When you want to eat something during mealtime, you can consume an apple because it has fiber, vitamin A, and also a high enough water content that can give your stomach satiety.


 Avocado fruit enriched with omega 9 fatty acids, which can help speed up metabolism by burning fat and increasing energy. Therefore, by eating avocado regularly can help you in losing weight and make the body stay fit.


 The fruit for the next ideal diet is a pomegranate. Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and water content is high enough. Besides that pomegranate is also low in calories, so by consuming pomegranates will not interfere with the diet program you are living

4.Orange fruit

Not only is the taste good and refreshing, in 100 grams oranges only contains about 47 calories which are ideal for you if you're looking for snacking or are on a strict diet. It can also satisfy the desire to eat sweet foods, which are usually avoided by dieters.

5.Banana Fruit

 Packed with about 105 calories, making bananas as one of the foods to undergo an ideal fruity diet program as it can provide instant energy and instant food after a healthful workout. Banana fruit is best consumed when still not too ripe because it contains more soluble starch. Therefore, by undergoing a banana diet or consuming one banana will give a feeling of satiety longer when balanced by drinking lots of water.


Lemon, of many beneficial properties, is a great detoxification to the liver. It is important to drink in the morning a glass of water and lemon juice to prevent the buildup of fat in the body.


 Ideal for cleansing the body, also blueberries, which are rich in antioxidants. Thanks to their action, not only is fighting cellular aging, but the body gets rid of toxins that tend to increase weight.


Pineapple fruit can also be a fruit suitable for diet. Pineapple fruit is rich in antioxidants, as well as various healthy minerals and vitamins. Things that make pineapple fruit can help you lose weight is because this fruit is free of cholesterol and fat.


Pears can meet a quarter of your daily fiber requirements and are very good for the health of your digestive system. The fiber content in the pears can make you feel full longer that can help you in the diet.


In addition to high fiber, guava aids weight loss. This corresponds to a low guava glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics. Guava also makes the intestine work good so it is right to help the process of overall weight loss.

Weight loss fruits

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